What is it?
& How does it work?
& Why did we build it?
& Where's the small print?

GDPR: This a browser based tool to create a GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy that you can just copy and paste as HTML into your website or as text into your Word Document/Pages/Whatever.

You just fill out the details as you follow the steps and at the end you'll have a lovely GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy.

The tool does not save your data to the database, so once you've used it and closed the window you cannot go back and edit it, but you have free usage of the tool for as long as we sell the product.

Why don't we save the data? Ironically, due to GDPR requirements we thought you'd prefer it if we didn't hold unnecessary data about you and your company!

We built it for our clients to give them less of a headache and they thought it was so useful that we should release it into the wild.

We like to keep things simple. You can access GDPR: This for a one-off fee of £29 + VAT on a single site basis.

Agency or Web Developer looking to use this for ALL your clients? It would be lovely if you bought the Agency version.



GDPR Expert Approved

Our Privacy Policy Generator has been checked and approved by GDPR Expert Keith Budden.

Keith has been involved in the development of the General Data Protection Regulation with both the UK Information Commissioner's Office and the Internet Advertising Bureau.


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